The Thread: Julia Amory

The Thread: Julia Amory

Julia Amory

Business Name: India Amory
Child's Name: Honor "Honey" Amory, 4 months old
Location: New York City / Southampton, NY
Instagram: @indiaamory
Julia Amory of India Amory

What does traditional children's clothing mean to you?

There is nothing more endearing than having been able to pass on some of my own childhood cloths to my daughter - heirloom pieces stand the test of time and are classically beautiful.
Julia Amory daughter Honey in Little English

Why do you choose to dress your children in these styles?

It's an ethos I embrace in my own approach to personal style and that greatly influences how I dress Honey. We're big fans of Little English crochet cardigans which Honey wears with coordinating playsuits and also sometimes just over white bodysuits. She has about seven (including the "Hunny Bee" collection, which we're big fans of!) 
Julia Amory Daughter


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