Meet Shannon - Little English Founder & Designer

Meet Shannon - Little English Founder & Designer

From interior design to collecting farm fresh eggs, Shannon Latham is far more than just the Little English founder. 


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Welcome to Graham House- the farm & home of Little English founder & designer, Shannon Latham. Built in 1850 and listed on the National Historic Register, this home exudes "My Old Kentucky Home" charm. From the picturesque setting with large trees and mature landscaping to the beautiful Victorian Italianate architecture, the whole place feels straight out of a fairytale. 


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The front entryway is one of her favorite spots in the home. The door is nearly always open, with dogs and friends running through, shedding light into the main hall and up into the second floor landing. She has art from New Orleans, Memphis (her hometown), and of course, Lexington. She collects pottery from all over the south but mainly Mississippi, and her oriental rugs are Antique Romanian Kilimns that were wedding gifts. Beautiful English and American antique pieces add richness to the home. As you walk through the farmhouse, you can see that it is truly a collection of her most loved pieces with a variety of textures, colors, and horsey appeal. 


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Now we can't leave out the dining room... Among her many talents, Shannon is also an excellent cook! Ask her for a recipe and you'll be writing things like "a dash of" and "a handful of"... the creativity truly never ends. Shannon actually moved the dining room to the front of the house to accommodate her large matching china cabinets and antler chandelier. The cabinets she purchased at gift market while renovating another farmhouse and the chandelier was purchased in Ft. Worth, Texas while attending the Ft. Worth Stock Show with college friends from SMU. 

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Now we mentioned farm fresh eggs at the beginning and we haven't forgotten. This might be the most fun fact ever about Shannon. She has a "Chicken Church" with 12 hens just footsteps from the back porch! The Chicken Church was gifted to Shannon by her husband and was built by the Amish. Another fun fact? Each chicken is affectionately named after either a celebrity or a dear friend. Shannon enjoys feeding "the girls" and showing off their eggs to overnight guests who get to delight in their vibrant orange yolks. She says they are especially great for any baked goods... breads and cakes rise so much more!


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As for children's clothing, Shannon loves designing timeless styles with fresh fabrics. She strives to create pieces that will satisfy the grandmother who looks for more traditional styles or techniques, a modern flair to appeal to today's mom, and ultimately comfort to satisfy the child. 

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We hope you've enjoyed learning a bit more about our founder and designer.

This is our first blog post and we'd love to keep this up!! Comment below with topics you'd be interested in hearing more about. 

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