Little English Design Competition!

Little English Design Competition!

Have you ever wanted to be a clothing designer? Do you see your children's clothing and think, "I could do that!" What about your little one? Does he or she have a penchant for art? Or do y'all just need something to do together during all this time at home?

Our CEO, Shannon Latham, and COO, Dunn Latham are busy at home designing our upcoming collections and have decided to include you in their design team fun!

Spring 2021 will be here before you know it and we'd like YOU to add something special to it. This can be a fun activity to do by yourself (creativity is a great form of self-care!) or with your kiddos! If you decide to work with your child, consider adding it to your homeschool curriculum! You can teach them a little about art while taking part in a fun family project!

design contest example

Ask your children what they like to wear during springtime - T-shirts, John Johns, Dresses, Short Sets? Do they like a particular motif - Airplanes, Fruits, Puppies or Bunnies? What color combinations are their favorite - pink and green, red and blue, and so on! Feel free to design just a boy or girl collection - though we'll admit, we're partial to coordinating siblings! ;)

We hope that you will have fun with your child, or on your own, designing a very special online exclusive collection. We will be accepting designs via email submission at You can either email a scanned copy, or a photo of your design. 

Little English design contest worksheet

Use the design sheet above to draw your design! 

We will choose our 6 favorite designs and share them to our social media, where we will allow other LE fans to vote on a top 3! Winners will receive a $250 gift card to and a free outfit that they designed!

Best of luck! We look forward to seeing what you create!