Everything You Need for an Easter at Home!

Everything You Need for an Easter at Home!

Let's face it, our Easter celebrations are going to look a little different this year. But that doesn't mean you can't make it special! Use this extra time at home to create lasting memories with your kids. They'll look back on this time as a time of joy, instead of stress. 

Speaking of stress, just because you're stuck at home does not mean planning a memory-making Easter should be stressful for mama! We've got everything you need to plan a fun weekend right here!

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

Egg Hunts are completely possible without the crowds! Fill plastic eggs with candy and change and hide them throughout the yard before your kiddos wake up. They'll think the Easter Bunny left them presents to find! 

Do the grandparents feel left out? Host a virtual egg hunt! Set up a video chat and have family follow your children around the yard as they hunt for eggs. It will be such a fun way to keep your distance while also keeping family member involved in your traditions. 

Family Photo Session

Easter at-home photoshoot

Get the family all dressed up in their Easter best for a spring photo session! Most digital cameras and cell phone cameras have a self-timer function. Prop it on a table and make sure the whole family is in the shot! 

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Just make sure you're lighthearted about the results. You'll have more fun with the process and enjoy your photos much more if there are giggles and smiles involved! 

Church at Home

Several religious denominations are offering virtual Easter services. Check with your church to see what they offer. If they aren't doing a virtual service, a trusty Google search will bring up hundreds of online resources for your specific religion and service presence. Is it the same as being there in person to worship as a community? No, but it's a great way to show your kids how important faith - whatever that may look like to your family - is during times like this!

Intimate Family Dinner

easter dinner table

If you're used to cooking holiday meals to feed a small army, this Easter may look a little different in your kitchen. But that doesn't mean the kitchen has to close! Pick up a spiral ham, throw together some deviled eggs, and make a special meal for your little family to enjoy. 

You should use this opportunity to dress your table, too. Set the table with you best linens and bring out the special occasion china you never use. What's a better special occasion than a small holiday with your favorite people?

Got leftovers? I hear ya! The ham we bought will feed our family of three for weeks! Here are some great recipes for leftovers:

Ham & Potato Casserole

Ham Hock Soup

Green Eggs & Ham - add this to story time and read the popular Dr. Seuss book with your kids!

The New Way to Decorate Easter Eggs

decorate easter eggs with your craft box!

An egg dyeing kit wasn't considered "essential" on Amazon's delivery list, but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun with egg decorating! Bust out the craft kit and let your children go to town! Markers, pom poms, glitter, even construction paper can all be used to make beautiful egg creations! Plus, you won't have messy dye to clean out of your tablecloth. That's what I call a win-win!


What family traditions are you starting this year? Share below in the comments!