What To Do with Your Kids During Quarantine: Backyard Fun

What To Do with Your Kids During Quarantine: Backyard Fun

Overwhelmed and wondering what to do with the kids during quarantine? As trying as these times are, we still believe in the importance of making memories! 

As mamas ourselves, we know how hard you are trying to shield your babies from the uncertainty, which is why we started this blog series on what to do with your children during quarantine. We want to make this time as stress-free as possible for you!

What to Do with Kids During Quarantine - Backyard Fun

Now that the weather is warming up, the best thing to do for everyone's sanity is get outside! A little sunshine and vitamin D will always do the body good!

Even though we are called to stay at home during this time, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the great outdoors. It's time to get even more acquainted with your very own backyard. There's so much potential in your own little patch of grass so whether you've got a big yard or small yard are fenced in or sitting on lush open acres, we've got some fun activities to keep you and your kiddos entertained throughout the day!

Quarantine Backyard Activity 1 - Pirate Treasure Hunt

Gather your little swashbucklers and send them on a backyard adventure! All you have to do is collect small toys and treasures from around the house and bury them in the backyard. Then, mark the buried treasure with sticks and stones placed in the shape of an X.

Using a plain piece of paper, draw a simple map outlining the location of the treasure. The map can be as detailed or as primitive as you want, but be sure to have a little fun with your directions! Burn the edges of the paper to give it an authentic feel, then roll it up and leave it our for the kids to find. They'll have a ball pretending to be pirates for the day!

Quarantine Backyard Activity 2 - Have a Picnic

Mix up your mealtime by taking it outside! Grab a blanket or two, throw lunch in a basket or lunchbox, and bask in the glory of nature. The great part about a picnic is you can relax on a blanket while your kids run their energy out ;) 

Quarantine Backyard Activity 3 - Sidewalk Chalk

As you probably know, this washable art activity can keep kids occupied for hours. Challenge them to cover every inch of the driveway with their artwork. Ask them to write notes to the mail carriers or encouraging words for neighbors on the sidewalk in front of your house. You can even take school lessons outside with sidewalk chalk math problems! When you run out of room, spray everything down with the hose and start again - the possibilities are endless!

Quarantine Backyard Activity 4 - Get Wet!

What's more fun to a kid than water? Whether you've got a backyard pool (lucky you!) or just a sprinkler and a water gun, water will keep your kids happy and laughing for hours upon end. Plus, no child can sport a frown in a cute bathing suit! Here are a few water-themed ideas to get you going:

  • Sprinkler - don't you remember how fun and carefree the simple act of running through the sprinkler could be? 
  • Kiddie Pool - for $10, these little pools mean hours of fun for dogs and kids alike
  • Water balloon/water gun fight - you better get your suit on for this one, because there's no chance those kids will let you sit this one out!
  • Sensory Bins - great outdoor activity for the littlest ones! Fill a shallow bin with water and floating toys and watch the giggles commence!


Do you have any fun quarantine backyard activities you've done with your kids? Let us know in the comments!