The Thread - Sarah Tucker

The Thread - Sarah Tucker

Catching up with Sarah Tucker about her children & a fun this or that!
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Welcome to The Thread – Our newest blog post series that spotlights some of our favorite influencers and Little English supporters. To us, our styles and clothing represent the history of generations passed, and there’s nothing we love more than learning what it means to our customers. Each month we’ll feature an influencer and give a behind the scenes look at their lives while they share what classic children’s clothing means to them. We hope you’ll follow along!

Introducing, Sarah Tucker!

Blog: Sarah Tucker Life and Style

Children: John, age 6 & Wesley, age 3.
Location: Palmetto, Florida
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Q: What does traditional children's clothing mean to you?
A: It means babies looking like babies and kids looking like kids.  I love traditional clothing for children because it’s classic, adorable, and they still look like the kids they are! 
Q: Why do you choose to dress your children in these styles?
A: It's timeless (:
Little English, Sarah Tucker