The Intern Experience at Little English and Bisby

The Intern Experience at Little English and Bisby

This summer, Little English and BISBY had the pleasure of hosting three, wonderful interns that helped with various tasks from marketing, sales, design, and wholesale. From sitting in on marketing and design meetings, to coming with us to Atlanta for market. Each intern had a unique and individualized experience based on their interests and future career goals. Each intern wrote a little bit about their time spent with the company and just how each summer went! 


The first experience is from Joshua Miller. A rising junior at University of Kentucky. 


“After initially hearing about the position from a professor at the University of Kentucky, I applied for an internship at Little English. I was anxious to interview to be in a work environment different from my previous experience, but these feelings were halted by excitement upon being hired as a Design/Merchandising Intern for the upcoming summer. 

When I first started, I was shocked by how friendly everyone was as everyone on the staff respects each other and is eager to learn/grow from their peers. This made the transition seamless as I assisted in various roles in Design, Merchandising, Marketing, Production, E-Commerce, Customer Service, Finance, and Shipping. 

I especially loved getting to participate in the Design meetings for the Little English and BISBY brands. In class a lecturer once stated, “Design is the science of problem-solving through empathetic and artistic thought” and this came to life in the LE/BISBY design rooms.

When at work, Shannon Latham and Chelsea Dickson, heads of LE and BISBY, respectively, designed based on what would best satisfy their customer. Fabrics, prints, and body styles were all utilized to create the best product experience, with Designs often being personified as "little brother" or "big sister" to exemplify their role in each collection.

My favorite part of my time at Little English, however, was getting to attend Atlanta Market at AmericasMart. Occurring near the end of the internship, this trip reaffirmed that this is an industry I want to be a part of. In my first semester of college, I learned about Atlanta Market at AmericasMart and wondered what it would be like to be a part of the apparel world, and now I was in it! Assisting in the Little English and BISBY showrooms was a full-circle experience that I will never forget, and I am grateful to have gotten this opportunity. 

In short, I am extremely happy with my summer at Little English/BISBY and am thankful to Shannon Latham, and the entire team, for everything they have taught me.”


The next is from Lisle Broadbent. A rising senior at Centre College. 

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to intern with little english and BISBY this summer. This internship has been a fantastic avenue to utilize my artistic abilities in both the design and marketing sides of the business.

I have enjoyed seeing every step in the process of clothing creation, starting in the design room with Shannon and Chelsea to sitting in on meetings with our manufacturers to shipping with the ladies in the warehouse.

At little english and BISBY, teamwork is the formula for success, and I have loved working in a comfortable space where everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and express their opinions. During my eleven weeks at little english, I was given the opportunity to travel to Atlanta twice for BISBY photoshoots and AmericasMart wholesale Market. These trips were both amazing experiences that I could not have gotten at internships elsewhere and illuminated how much hard work and effort goes into each product and every area of merchandising.

I want to give a few shoutouts to some people at little english that I look up to and have helped me grow throughout the summer. Thank you, Chelsea for taking me under your wing and making this summer a great learning experience filled with laughter and joy. It has been a pleasure working with you. You are one of the most hard-working people I know! Thank you, Siobhan for being so welcoming and helpful throughout my time at little english. Your creative ideas and serene, affable spirit give a great, approachable energy to the workplace. Lastly, a huge thank you to Shannon and Dunn for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow from everyone on the little english team. I am very appreciative and inspired!”

Lastly, we have Bella Hodge, a rising sophomore at Washington and Lee. 


"I chose Little English for my internship this summer because after shadowing for a day in the summer of 2021 I decided I wanted to learn more about the industry and specifically the marketing aspects that it is surrounded by! Some of my favorite parts of interning at Little English this summer were working with Emily and Dunn to take still shots of pieces of clothing for the Instagram page and sitting in on meetings with the whole team and learning how much can go on behind the scenes of even the smallest of details!"


If you are interested in being a little english or BISBY intern, tell us why you would be a good fit and submit your resume to