Talk Shop: Little Birdies Boutique

Talk Shop: Little Birdies Boutique

Talk Shop is our way of showing off some of our fabulous boutiques! Little English is sold in some of the most adorable children's boutiques across the country, and we love sharing them with you! If you're in the area, be sure to stop in and say hello!
This week, we're talking with Shanlee Johnson from Little Birdies Boutique, an adorable classic children's clothing boutique in Georgetown in Washington, D.C.

 Shanlee Little Birdies Boutique

LE: Tell us your story. What led you to open your boutique? What do you love about being a small business owner?

LB: My favorite part of owning a small business is being involved in every aspect of the day to day work. One minute you're doing the buying and the next you're working on marketing. Every day is different, and there's always something new and exciting to accomplish. I opened Little Birdies Boutique in 2013, and we've grown so much. We've watched our littlest clients turn into big sisters and brothers and start their first days of school! We love being a part of our community and our customers' lives. 

Little Birdies Boutique in Georgetown

LE: What makes Little Birdies stand out?

LB: We carry a curated collection of the best children's clothing, shoes and accessories on the market. We love to mix traditional styles with fashionable and fun designs to offer our customers an array of options. Many of our lovely customers are new grandmothers. They look forward to coming in and buying something truly special and classic for their grandchildren. Little Birdies carries clothing with smocking and details that invoke feelings of nostalgia for a lot of our customers. All of our styles have a young and fresh look with an updated feel to traditional clothing that put a smile on everyone's face. 

Little Birdies Boutique

LE: When it comes to products, what is your favorite season and why?

LB: Hands down summer. Fall and winter are so fun with the sweaters and holiday themes, but I absolutely love the bright colors of summer. During summer, the store feels so colorful and happy. Plus, you know these colorful clothes are going to be for a fun occasion like a barbecue, pool party, or summer vacation.

LE: What is your favorite Little English collection or piece? 

LB: I love the Fox North Rivers Dress! It completely sold out in the first few days we had it! It's made with cozy fabric and is so adorable with the fox pockets. We paired the dress with a blue bow and white cable knit tights. It’s the perfect dress for a birthday party, pumpkin patch or fall family photos! There are so many different occasions to wear this dress.

LE: Why is it important to you that you have classic children’s clothing available in your boutique?

LB: We value carrying classic clothing at Little Birdies to create memories. Our clothing is so special and usually worn for happy occasions such as birthdays, vacation, and holidays. We love that our customers will have timeless photos of their children to remember these happy moments.