Knee Highs - Pink Sheep

$18.00 FINAL SALE off
Knee Highs - Pink Sheep, Little English, classic children&

Knee Highs - Pink Sheep

$18.00 FINAL SALE off
Size Toddler

Dainty and sweet this little pink sheep is sure to be a favorite, and it pairs perfectly with the Pink Sheep London Bubble! Our white knee high socks are a classic accessory for your baby girl!

 Sock Size USA Shoe Size EURO Shoe Size Typical Age
1-4 17-19 3-12M
3-7 18-23 1-2 years
6-11 22 -28 2-4 years
9-1 26-32 3-7 years

*Packaging reflects manufacturer's letter sizing, but child's shoe size on packaging is correct.*

*All knee socks are FINAL SALE*