What to do With Your Kids During Quarantine: Learning Resources

What to do With Your Kids During Quarantine: Learning Resources

Overwhelmed and wondering what to do with the kids during quarantine? As trying as these times are, we still believe in the importance of making memories! 

As mamas ourselves, we know how hard you are trying to shield your babies from the uncertainty, which is why we started this blog series on what to do with your children during quarantine. We want to make this time as stress-free as possible for you!

What to Do with Kids During Quarantine - Learning Resources

Many school age kids are being given educational and instructional activities to complete while they’re at home. However, if you have younger children who are home from daycare or preschool, you might not have those resources available. Here are a few great educational tools that will keep your kids’ brain’s busy.

Quarantine Learning Resource 1 - Scholastic Learn at Home

This free service from Scholastic offers digital learning experiences that follow along with grade-level appropriate stories. Each daily lesson includes games, puzzles, and more that get your child’s brain pumping!

Quarantine Learning Resource 2 - Varsity Tutors – Virtual School Day

Online lessons and classes from Varsity Tutors are taught by experts to help your kids stay on track when they’re out of school. Just create a free account and choose your child’s grade level to receive free interactive live classes as well as parent resources to help you create structure in your child’s learning day. This service is for children K-12. Read on for options for Pre-K kids!

Quarantine Learning Resource 3 - Pre-Kindergarten Daily Schedule

Blogger, RD and fellow mom, The Lean Green Bean, came up with a handy Pre-Kindergarten Daily Schedule that she uses with her kids now that they’re home full time. The easy printable allows her son to choose what they’ll do that day while still working in some educational activities. Some of the activity categories include learning, movement, cooking, and reading. Keeping to a schedule will help you plan your day and keep your kids occupied with fun activities. She even gives you plenty of examples to work from!

Quarantine Learning Resource 4 - ABCMouse

ABCMouse has won tons of awards for its educational and fun lessons. All online and grade-level appropriate, ABC Mouse is a fun way to keep your kids occupied while also learning a thing or two. They're doing a 30 day free trial right now, so it's the perfect time to sign up!

Quarantine Learning Resource 5 - PBS Kids

PBS Kids has always been a great educational tool for keeping kids busy at home, but during this time, the organization is going to extra mile with a daily newsletter that features educational videos, games and activities to keep your little one engaged while at home. 


Do you have any other learning resources you’ve found helpful? Share links below in the comments!