The Thread: Paige Kalena Follmann

The Thread: Paige Kalena Follmann

Paige Kalena Follmann, incredibly talented artist, adores dressing her six month old son, Bowman, in Little English. She says that mothers only get to dress their littles for so long, so they have to make it count!
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Paige Kalena Follmann

Business Name: Paige Kalena Follmann (artist)
Child's Name: Bowman Robinson, 6 months old
Location: Atlanta, GA
Paige Kalena Follmann and son in Little English

What does traditional children's clothing mean to you?

I love the timeless styles that capture the sweet innocence of childhood. Mothers can only dress their babies for so long, and I love to see my baby in these classic styles!

 Little English classic baby boy

Why do you choose to dress your children in these styles?

He looks like a sweet little gentleman! The little boy bubbles are my absolute favorite and they show his adorable chubby legs!

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