Wishlist: Back to School

July 24, 2019 2 min read

Wishlist: Back to School

Summer is almost over and the kids are gearing up to head back to school. We know you'll miss all that summer fun, but a return to routine is starting to sound pretty good, right mama?

We want to make sure you're first-day ready, so we compiled a list of back to school essentials that will make the transition from swimming pool to carpool a breeze!

back to school wishlist

1. First Day of School Sign, $28

Start a new first day of school tradition with this adorable chalkboard sign. There's space to fill out your child's age, interests, and future aspirations, which will be so fun to watch evolve through the years!

2. Little English Crayon Dunn Dress, $72

Our best-selling Dunn Dress is back-to-school ready in this adorable royal blue gingham. You'll love the sweet and girly style paired with the perfect school days appliqué.

3. Little English Crayon Campbell Shortall, $88

This instant LE classic is a back-to-school must-have for your little boy. This fresh take on a classic style will be an heirloom fall piece for years to come!

4. Make No Mistake Erasable Markers, $14.95

Because we all make mistakes sometimes, right? These genius erasable markers are ideal for your little artist and so helpful for coloring inside those lines!

5. O-Venture Sapphire Croc Keyring, $55

Never lose your keys again with this keyring. Large enough to slide on your wrist as your wrestle your toddler into the carseat and find at the bottom of your seemingly bottomless purse! After using an O-Venture ring for a week, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

6. Classic Seersucker Lunchbox, $20.95

Skip the characters lunch box your child will only like for a few months and go with something classic this year. Seersucker never goes out of style, plus you can monogram it! Win-win. 

7. Inchbug Orbit Custom Labels, various price points

Keep each child's stuff separate and organized with these cute custom labels. This way, you'll know whose is whose and so will your kiddos!

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