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Paige Kalena Follmann

Business Name: Paige Kalena Follmann (artist)
Child's Name: Bowman Robinson, 6 months old
Location: Atlanta, GA
Paige Kalena Follmann and son in Little English

What does traditional children's clothing mean to you?

I love the timeless styles that capture the sweet innocence of childhood. Mothers can only dress their babies for so long, and I love to see my baby in these classic styles!

 Little English classic baby boy

Why do you choose to dress your children in these styles?

He looks like a sweet little gentleman! The little boy bubbles are my absolute favorite and they show his adorable chubby legs!

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I love your comments about why you like to dress your baby in bubbles. The chubby thighs are part of that limited time we have with our children. I dressed both my daughter and son in smocked garments. As I exspect my third grandchild in February I am excited that I will again be able to make those items to dress him. I started sewing when I was eight, and by the time I was in the seventh grade, I was making all my clothes. I smocked a new item each month while my daughter was deployed to Iraq. It kept my mind and prepared for the day when she and her husband would start their family. Since you can’t make these items quickly, I got a great heard start. Thank you for sharing your ideas and thought.
Your skirt is beautiful, by the way.
Alana Yacus

Alana Yacus December 06, 2019

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