Talk Shop: Baby Braithwaite

May 16, 2019 3 min read

Talk Shop: Baby Braithwaite

Talk Shop is our way of showing off some of our fabulous boutiques! Little English is sold in some of the most adorable children's boutiques across the country, and we love sharing them with you! If you're in the area, be sure to stop in and say hello!

This week, we're talking with Chaffee Heilman from Baby Braithwaite, an adorable classic children's clothing boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Baby Braithwaite

Atlanta, GA

baby braithwaite little english

LE: Tell us your story! What led you to open your boutique?
CH:My partner (aka my mom) was ready for a new professional challenge at the time I moved back to Atlanta from New York. We originally were going to open an antiques and accessories store but half way through the process decided it was not a strong business model. While in Paris, my mom Nancy happened upon a baby store called Ovale and she was instantly inspired. With my own love of babies, our recent experience of my sister having her first child, and our decision to start a retail business all the pieces fell into place.

LE: What do you love about being a small business owner?
CH: I absolutely love what I do! I find joy in making others happy, so having a business where every day I have an opportunity to bring a lot of joy to both my clients and my team makes my heart happy. I am also incredibly grateful that I have a job that allows me a flexible schedule to be mom too. Any small business owner will tell you we are always working - 7 days a week, 365 days a year - but I also have the choice to work at times that allow me to pick my babies up from school and drive them to all of their after school activities - it’s pretty hard to beat! And the added bonus: I get to hold everyone’s babies in the store! Everyone knows that always just makes my day!

LE: What makes Baby Braithwaite stand out?
CH:We work hard to elevate the retail experience through our service and atmosphere. We also work hard to make sure everything is sweet and simple and is all about baby. From our gift packaging to the way the store makes our client’s feel - the music, flowers throughout, etc. - we want our clients to feel wonderful when they are in our store.

LE: When it comes to products, what is your favorite season and why?
CH: Definitely spring! Our store is all white, so the touches of spring pastel colors make me happy! Plus spring and summer clothing is always so cute - little bubbles, and ruffles, and dresses, and seersucker john johns - it doesn’t get sweeter than that!

LE: What is your favorite Little English collection or piece? 
CH: I LOVED the two piece sweater sets from fall 2018 - the white quilted pants with the giraffe sweater with the little collar - those were perfection!

LE: Why is it important to you to have classic children's clothing available in your boutique?
CH: We believe in sweet and simple. We want clothes that celebrate that newborn part of life. Babies are cute enough; the simpler the outfits, the more of those delicious babies we get to see!

Isn't Baby Braithwaite stunning? If you're in the Atlanta, Georgia area, be sure to stop in and say hello! They always have the best of Little English's most recent collections, plus sweet gifts, books and more!

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